HGH Fragment and CJC-1295 Spray – 4.2MG, 30ML Bottle


  • 180 sprays, each spray is 23MCG of HGH Fragment and CJC-1295 Nasal Spray.
  • Bottle = 30ml

THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED AS A RESEARCH CHEMICAL ONLY. These statements, products have not been evaluated by the FDA, These products are not intended to diagnose treat prevent or cure any disease. Research Chemicals ARE NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION

Oral sprays do not require refrigeration but they should be stored in a cool place.

Do not email us for dosing instructions, our products are for research lab use only.

Orders are usually packed and shipped the same day. We don’t offer express shipping.

HGH Fragment Benefits

HGH Fragment is a growth hormone releasing peptide that regulates the metabolism of the body, allowing it to burn more fat. HGH Fragment stimulates the breakdown of fat and inhibits lipogenesis, the transformation of nonfat foods into body fat.

Benefits of HGH Fragment in clinical studies:

▪️ Fat Burning
▪️ Weight Loss
▪️ Stimulates Lipolysis (the breakdown or destruction of fat)
▪️ Increased Energy

CJC-1295 Benefits

CJC-1295 is a synthetic growth hormone releasing hormone that consists of over 30 amino acids. It is capable of increasing growth hormone secretion without adversely effecting the long term production of growth hormone production.

Research has shown CJC-1295 to improve immune function, to stimulate fat loss, and increase cellular repair and regeneration. CJC-1295 also promotes slow wave deep sleep, which is the type of sleep that produces the highest level of muscle growth and memory retention.

Benefits of CJC-1295 in clinical studies:

▪️ Decreased body fat
▪️ Increased muscle mass
▪️ Increased strength
▪️ Increased cellular repair and regeneration


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