Selank Spray – 12MG, 30 ML Bottle


  • 180 sprays, each spray is 67MCG of Selank.
  • Bottle = 30ml

THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED AS A RESEARCH CHEMICAL ONLY. These statements, products have not been evaluated by the FDA, These products are not intended to diagnose treat prevent or cure any disease. Research Chemicals ARE NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION

Oral sprays do not require refrigeration but they should be stored in a cool place.

Do not email us for dosing instructions, our products are for research lab use only.

Orders are usually packed and shipped the same day. We don’t offer express shipping.

Selank Benefits

Selank is a synthetic peptide developed by combining a sequence of tuftsin with a similar sequence to improve its stability. Research has shown Selank to have anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties, as well as providing the benefit of enhancing memory and cognitive function.

A clinical study of 62 patients found that those who took Selank showed fewer symptoms of anxiety. Similar studies in mice and other lab animals also showed Selank’s anti-anxiety effects. The more anxious a subject was at the start of the experiment, the more significant the results were on the reduction of anxiety.

A laboratory study of mice has showed that Selank was able to improve the learning ability of the subjects within three days. A study on monkeys has shown that Selank may have the possiblity of preserving memories.

Clinical trials in humans has shown the following results:

▪️ Improved mood
▪️ Decreased tremors
▪️ Better sleep quality
▪️ Decreased tearfulness
▪️ Lively reflexes


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