■   Annihilate Fat!
■   Extra Energy & Focus
■   Thermogenesis
■   Boost Metabolism
■   Extreme Formula

EXTREME THERMOGENIC STIMULANT – UnNaturals Smacked is built with the most potent and effective available ingredients to support fat loss, metabolism, and annihilate stubborn body fat.

EXCELERATE WEIGHT LOSS – Shift your body into its peak fat burning state. Smack takes advantage of caloric combustion. In simple terms, Smacked converts calories into energy. This boost rapid fat loss & stops fat gain.

ALL DAY ENERGY & FOCUS – UnNaturals Smacked provides all day energy and provides the focus you need to make the best decisions when it comes to sticking to your diet.

EXTREME STRENGTH FOR ADVANCED ATHLETES – UnNaturals Labs has developed one of if not the strongest thermogenic fat burner in the industry. Be assured, this formula is advanced and tailored for those who are experienced in body nutrition and taking high-stim supplements. This product is not designed for new supplement users or those just trying to shed a couple pounds.

Instructions: As a dietary supplement take 3 (three) Capsules. If you’ve never taken Smacked before, assess tolerance, by taking 1-2 capsules


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